What if summer could inspire new curiosity and a love for learning in our highest need kids? 

Our 2016 SALSTHON beneficiary was the Summer Learning Collaborative. Based in Wilmington, the summercollab partners with five local summer programs serving youth from low income backgrounds. 

Research shows more than half of the achievement gap between low and high income youth is sourced in summer learning loss. The outcome is an estimated three months of learning loss per student per year for the lowest income students, many of whom are multiple years behind grade level. 
The mission of the Summer Learning Collaborative is to reverse summer learning loss and light kids up about learning through existing community centers and schools.

Educational Gains

Making Summer Smarter

Working Creatively

Collaborative Camps saw gains of 2-3 months of growth in reading comprehension and phonics
Summer Collab works to provide 1200 low income youth with world class summer experiences.
To solve problems that limit the ability of camps to execute engaging student programming.

SummerCollab In the Spotlight

Last August, Avi Woflman-Arent from Newsworks WHYY reported on the Summer Collab saying that, "The Summer Collaborative is many things - meeting ground, capacity builder, resource generator, idea lab. But it's chief mission is singular: to elevate the community center summer camp, and in the process give low-income children a worthwhile summer experience."
Since Ari's report in August, the SummerCollab has become its own non-profit in its effort to give camp a makeover. Watch the report from WHYY below.