To love our neighbors does not mean merely to wish them well, but also to do them all the good it is in our power to do.
- St. Francis de Sales


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SALSTHON Partners with ​CHILD Inc.

SALSTHON is honored to announce CHILD Inc. located in Wilmington as its 2018 beneficiary. Founded in 1963, Child Inc. is a non- profit organization dedicated to being the leading advocate for and serving the needs of Delaware’s children and families in crisis. CHILD, Inc. especially works with women and children who may be troubled, dependent, neglected and abused. By serving and protecting the victims and treating those responsible for acts of domestic violence CHILD Inc. helps women and children heal.

CHILD, Inc. was founded and financed by Henry E.I. duPont and Martha Verge duPont. The agency was incorporated in 1963 by others as a group home for boys. In 1965, Mrs. duPont discovered the home was closing due to the lack of funding. In order to save the home future plans were made to save it. In 1968 the duPonts donated the first of six properties for the agency and Mrs. duPont began serving on the board of directors. After several years, Mrs. duPont became disappointed with the agency, believing it was only housing boys for the state with no treatment program. As president, Mrs. duPont formed a new board of directors. The agency was renamed the Child Foundation, changed later to CHILD, Inc.​​

The goal of CHILD Inc. is to make a positive difference in the lives of the families they serve. That is where the SALSTHON 2018 partnership comes in. CHILD Inc. currently operates the only two domestic abuse shelters in the state of Delaware: Martha's Carriage House and Sarah's House. The mission of CHILD Inc.’s housing program is to reduce domestic violence by providing safety, support, and advocacy to victims. Through our partnership we can assist in make a positive difference in the lives of the families CHILD Inc. serves by providing funds that will dramatically improve both the houses and the lives of the women and children living in the them.

Our primary fundraising focus is to help maintain and improve conditions in CHILD Inc ’s two emergency shelters that provide a safe haven for those affected by domestic violence. "One way to help children is to help the adults in their lives. This is because children desperately want their moms and dads in their lives. We know for certain that these adults are capable of change. This is where CHILD, Inc. comes in. We bring about change. We help kids directly and indirectly," said Ms. Tyree, Director of Domestic Violence Services at CHILD Inc.

Funds from SALSTHON 2018 will provide CHILD Inc. with the ability to maintain and improve conditions in their facilities. Both houses are in need of a new security system as well as major renovations. These improvements will allow CHILD Inc. to continue to provide safety, support, and advocacy to victims. Funds  will also assist in day to day needs such as food, counselling, clothing, household items, toys, and much more.

The second phase of the CHILD Inc. partnership will be food and supplies drives. The basic necessities that we take for granted, are often what these women and children need. We are going to be hosting drives for these items, such food, cleaning supplies, linens, toiletries and other household items. We encourage all of you to participate by bringing in as many items as you can. More information about this will be advertised at a later date.

These donations are extremely important, but the biggest thing you can do is help raise money by creating a fundraising page and sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or emailing it to your relatives or friends. You can join Challenge 250 and accept the challenge of raising $250 all by yourself, or you can join a team and see how much you can raise altogether with your friends, teams, or clubs.
We can’t do this without you! From January 25 through March 17th, Salesianum, Padua, and Ursuline students will be on a fundraising sprint for 50 days in an effort to raise over $150,000 to provide positive life changing improvements to those who call CHILD Inc. home in their time of need. Join us in making a difference and spreading awareness!